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10 years at the top, and the day it went BIG…

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

“And the winner is….”

It’s November 2005 and along with 900 other people I’m sat at a table at the annual Motorcycle News Industry awards. On stage, Suzi Perry has just opened an envelope and is unfolding a card with the winner of the Product of the Year category. It’s only 17 weeks since we launched the V2 Sponge, we were now on the verge of winning this award; it couldn’t be possible, could it?…

We’d launched the product very noisily and although we were never sure at the time, in retrospect we’d launched it really well. Making sure that every possible journalist we could reach had a V2 Sponge to work with from day one garnered massive interest and press acclaim. The resulting nomination into the finalists of the product of the year a month earlier had been exciting, but not as exciting as waiting to hear the name she was about to read out…

The rest, as you’ll know from our packaging, is history – when Suzi read out the magic words “Visorvision’s V2 Sponge pocket visor cleaner” My heart leapt. What a result, what a year, what an incredible beginning for a product that I’d designed, tested and launched on a shoestring budget.

Suzi Perry hands over the V2 Sponge 2005 MCN product of the year

Winners! left to right – Suzi Perry, Helen and PB from Visorvision, Marc Potter MCN editor at the time, now at

The evening was a dreamy event, the old MCN awards are heavy, really heavy, and wandering around with one of those under your aching arm is a perfect ice-breaker. Troy Corser was kind enough to stop by and congratulate us (I think he was reigning World Superbike Champion at that point) and mutual friends got us introduced to James Toseland too – the place was awash with the great and the good from the industry, and I felt really proud to have been given an MCN award for my little product. It’s worth mentioning that Valentino Rossi was MCN man of the year, but unlike me, didn’t turn up to collect his trophy! – pity, we’d have posed for pics with matching awards I’m damn sure.


2005’s winners – reigning WSB champ the truly convivial Troy Corser gets his first V2 Sponge experience.

So, ten years later and the little V2 Sponge is still going strong. It’s been copied (many times, and thanks to our effective design patents, quite badly in my humble opinion) It’s been awarded not one but two more awards from RiDE magazine, and we’ve sold well over half a million of them. Wow. How am I not retired to the Bahamas? (And not even close?!)

If you’re reading this fresh on the day of publication, which is Sunday 13th December 2015, then I’ve got a little thank you for stopping by. Our ten years at the top by giving you 10% off of any purchase over £30 from our online store, valid until the end of Monday 14th 2015 December (GMT) Just enter code TOP10 in the voucher/discount code box on the last page of checkout. Simple! And here is to another 10 great years at the top!

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Spring testing – 2015.05 2a – combination Anti-Fog and Water repellent.

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

We had a plan – pick a typically rainy 10’C day in the UK and test the effectiveness of Fogtech DX and Raincoat PRO on a half treated, half untreated visor.

The results are very clear (pun intended). Top speed never exceeded 60mph during this clip, and the bike used was a 1986 FZ750 which could be loosely defined as having average levels of wind protection.


Like what you see?

Buy Fogtech DX from here

Buy Raincoat PRO from here


Raincoat_PRO_product_480px FogtechDX_product_480px

Is it any wonder it’s hard to sell an Anti-Fog product?

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

There is a real feeling amongst the masses of the kit buying public that “anti-fog solutions are all rubbish”

Recently I have seen the same demonstration at 3 shows which sells the anti-fog properties of a new product and then when the demonstrator huffs on the visor, it mists up.

Each time (usually stifling a chuckle) I offer the observation “errr, that doesn’t work does it?” That is met with “well, you’ll never get rid of that…”

the pain of anti fog sales

Another oversold anti-fog product comes to market

Anyway, today I found myself trawling eBay, seeing what’s going on in the world of visor care. I ran across an advert for the same product. If I hadn’t already used a facepalm animation, I’d be using it again now.

“The product has got anti fog/mist characteristics but as you are aware it is not possible to eliminate fogging entirely” (we say, err, actually – it is! see this video for something approaching proof of that)

“XXX is a new product manufactured in the UK. I am sure you will agree that it makes a change not to be made in China, all be the cloth is manufactured in China” (well, unlike the anti-fog claim, at least they’re honest….)

I’d say this mistrust of people selling “miracle cures” is the hardest barrier to break down, and I get why. I tried every available anti-fog on the market to resell with the V2 Sponge when I started. I knew then it was a problem without a solution (sic). Everything I tried was rubbish or at best, mediocre – I got the sense most of it was just rebadged cleaning product.

So, when it comes to buying anti-fog, choose carefully. Try and pick things that have either been recommended by people you know and trust, or that you have at least seen working with your own eyes.

And if you’re ever at a show and you are shown something that doesn’t do what it is supposed to – don’t just nod, tell them “that doesn’t work…”

Fogtech – score 14/15 “a great product, worked in all conditions we tested”



Raincoat visor water repellent – what an unbiased top race team think about it….

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

We first met Paul from Visorvision at Silverstone in 2010. The team were taking part in the test day just prior to the third round of the National Endurance Championship.

I had already been using the V2 Sponge for years to clean my visor and when I got talking to Paul, realised that it was his company that supplied the product. If you’ve never tried it then I recommend it, it’s the easiest way to clean a visor that I know of. Jonty and I both use it as it’s a quick and easy way to clean our visors between sessions.

The test day was a gorgeous day, clear blue skies with a warm and dry track. After we talked, Paul gave us some other products to try, with no pressure other than “give it a go and let me know what you think”. We parted company on Friday night as he wasn’t going to race on the Saturday.

Race day turned out to be a little different from the test day! Practice was in the dry but right at the start of qualifying the heavens opened and it started to bucket down with rain and it didn’t stop all day.

Jonty and I tried the Raincoat product Paul had left with us to see if it would make a difference and I have to say that both of us were stunned!

The treatment that it gives to your visor means that you don’t get that annoying layer of droplets on the outside of the visor as the moisture builds up. The compound means that water simply balls up and runs off. You don’t even have to do that really annoying “turn your head sideways into the wind stream” malarkey that I’m sure you are all familiar with to clear your visor.

Jonty Dixon battles with the wet, but at least he can see.

Endurance racing doesn’t stop when it rains…

Not once did I have to wipe a finger over the visor or even consider moving out into clear air to improve my vision. I simply put the bike where I wanted to and Raincoat took care of the rest. The result was a second place on the day and lap times as quick as Steven Neate, BSB National Superstock rider.

Personally I think that there’s a tremendous amount of cack around product endorsements. Most of the crap you see from the professional riders is based on how much dosh a company is prepared to spend on them and how available the rider is to receive that dosh!!! ; TM72 Racing is an amateur team. We make our money through normal jobs so we don’t have any self-interested commercial agenda to follow.

You can’t race if you can’t see and wet conditions present enough challenges to a rider without having your visibility compromised. When you race in endurance and the conditions are changing it becomes even more important. Every race is declared a wet race so, if it does start raining the clock doesn’t stop, you just have to deal with the conditions.

In my view Raincoat is one of the best products that I have ever used, simple in its execution but effective in its impact. If you value your vision in wet weather conditions I wouldn’t hesitate to use Raincoat.

Andy McKnight
TM72 Racing
UK National Endurance champions 2010

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Silverstone 2010

Andy McKnight TM72 – UK National Endurance Champions 2010

April 2011 Discount code!!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Valid until 30th April 2011

March 2011 discount code!!

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

We’re late! it’s half way through March already and we’ve not yet published the discount code for the month. Let’s put that right straight away, and reuse 2009’s most popular discount code.

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5 stars! – V2 Sponge review 19th January 2011

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
Motorcycle News 5 star review of V2 Sponge

Top marks MCN!

Jane Omorogbe – V2 Sponge User

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Naturally I like anyone that uses Visorvision products, it’s how I pay my mortgage and feed the dog. I made a gentle enquiry about doing the No Budget Cup earlier in the year, and all roads led to Jane Omorogbe, now a resident of Belgium and enjoying life with her other half Renaud, who happens to be the organiser of the No Budget cup series.

You may remember Jane was the leading candidate to replace Suzi Perry at the BBC to lead their MotoGP coverage, and is also an Ex Gladiator (Rio) from the earlier incarnation of the show. A bit more than a keen biker for many years now, she’s a racer, a journalist and damn good fun. I’d say she also wears the biggest smile in motorcycling!

Jane O gets tough with SV650 in the No Budget Cup!

Jane O gets tough with SV650 in the No Budget Cup!

Anyway, with my Visorvision e-mail address clearly aligning me with Visorvision, and thus the V2 Sponge, the conversation about the No Budget Cup became a 2 way thing, and it turned out Jane O had been a user and a fan of the V2 Sponge for ages!

I asked Jane to stick a few answers to some questions about the product and her riding in general, and being a darling, she obliged – Jane’s Q&A  answers herewith:

1) How long have you been using the V2 Sponge?
I’ve been using the V2 sponge ever since I can remember. I don’t recall who introduced me to it, but I do know we always took a pack or two on our trips to France for those evening rides to restaurants with pesky mosquitoes !
2) What’s the best thing about it?
The best thing about it is its size, it fits in pockets and bum bags. And of course, the fact that the sponge stays wet in the bag. Ideal when you’ve forgotten to run it under the tap again.
3) What’s the strangest place you’ve used it?
Strangest place I’ve used it? The African Desert . . .  it was my best ally in removing humongous bugs from my visor under the gaze of the Atlas Mountains.
4) What was the last thing you learnt about riding motorcycles?
Last thing I learnt about riding bikes . . I ride a lot, but my adventure from Lisbon to Marrakesh on a Super Tenere reminded me that no matter how many miles I cover, I will never, ever get tired of being a biker. That, and highsides hurt!
5) MotoGP or WSB?
This year, WSB most definitely.
6) Ok then Haslam or Biaggi?
7) And finally, if you could get all the world’s bikers together in one place, and say just one thing to them, what would it be?
Ride it more!

It remains just to say thanks to Jane for being a darling, and of course if you want to do the No Budget Cup, which comes highly recommended by yours truly, then take a look at their 2 websites depending on your preference.

for the UK series in 2011 –

for the Belgian series –